Reindeer hides are a natural and comfortable product. They can be used for multiple purposes, for example: internal/external decoration on walls,  outdoors seat-warmers and other decorations. Each one of our hides has been individually photographed so you know exactly what you are ordering.

Our reindeer hides come in four different sizes

Super Big (approximately 145-170 cm length, 57- 67 inches)

Extra Large/Special  (approximately 135-145cm length, 53 - 57 inches)

Large (approximately 120-130cm length, 47-51 inches)

Medium (approximately 110-120cm length, 43-47 inches)

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SB5399 Supersize reindeer hide

Tuotekoodi: SB5399

Supersized reindeer hide. 155 x 100 cm

Hinta: 260.00 €
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